BioPosture™ builds transformational BioMemoryFoam Mattresses and Pillows available through the Healthcare community. The architecture of BioPosture mattresses was inspired by leading Chiropractors to professional sports teams.  Each BioPosture Mattress is designed to provide the optimal combination of superior comfort and orthopedic support.

Importantly, because BioPosture is available through licensed health care professionals, you can have it made without flame retardant chemicals. In addition, because BioPosture uses a higher content of Celliant, a patented ceramic textile, you get the maximum level of infrared wellness benefits while you sleep. BioPosture supercharges your sleep to help you regenerate, restore and recovery faster!

Use code ALIGNING WELLNESS at checkout for an additional 10% off our already discounted prices! – 90-day money-back guarantee which includes the pick-up fee too if returned.