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A lot of women during their pregnancy experience discomfort and pain. During pregnancy, anatomy changes during this process to allow for the growth of the baby along with the birthing process. Certain ligaments such as the round ligament can become very tender to the touch due to the pressure placed on that ligament during fetal growth. Women also tend to experience low back pain during this process. It is commonly seen that patients who are experiencing low back pain during their pregnancy can see relief in stretching the muscles around the pelvis such as the hamstrings and gluteal muscles. Due to these muscles becoming tighter we can see that these muscles begin to pull and tug on the pelvis leading to… low back pain. When the pelvis becomes compromised and shifted it can create discomfort and even what is described as sciatica. These conditions can be corrected through the correction of these misalignments and stretching of these hyperactive muscles. Chiropractors are trained to locate the regions of the body that are compromised and have misalignments. When chiropractors are involved as a part of the team in a women’s pregnancy, they tend to feel much relief from treatment, and have reduced discomfort through their pregnancy! Patients under chiropractic care notice improved mobility and less restrictions when walking and moving during normal daily activities. Chiropractic is a safe alternative treatment plan to not only help mom during the pregnancy, but also helps the developing baby as well! 


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