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Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF) in Catonsville, MD

Let’s talk about a therapy that works quickly, effectively, and truly heals and repairs damaged tissue at the cellular level within your body. Whatever pain you’re feeling or injury that you may have, PEMF Therapy can work wonders to relieve that pain and promote further rehabilitation in a way no other treatment or therapy can.

Benefits of Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy:
• Supports full healing of damaged or inflamed tissue
• Relieves pain
• Reduces swelling and inflammation
• Increases circulation
• Supports function of the nervous system
• Stimulates the body’s natural healing process


Does Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy hurt?
No, you’ll feel a mild electric pulse in the affected area during the treatment, but the intensity is adjusted to your comfort level. It can almost feel relaxing at times.

How much does Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy it cost?
It depends on the number of treatments that are needed to fully rehabilitate the damaged area, but it is a very cost-effective treatment. Please call us for more details on cost and insurance.

What does the electric pulse do exactly?
The low-level electric current actually charges and energizes the damaged cells, creating electric changes within them and surrounding damaged tissue allowing them to restore themselves back to health.

Is Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy safe?
Absolutely. This is an FDA approved treatment and thousands have benefited from its well-designed process to deeply heal damaged tissue and cells within your body. The main warning against PEMF Therapy is if you have a pacemaker, in which you would not be able to participate.

How long does Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy last exactly?
Depending on the injury and strength of the electric pulse used during the treatment, sessions typically last anywhere between 10-30 minutes.

Is the Pulse Electromagnetic applied directly to your skin?
No. This is applied to your clothes.

How many treatments does it take to fully heal?
You’re likely to feel improvement after only a single treatment, but depending on the injury, typically an average of 6-8 treatments are necessary to fully restore the damaged area.

This is an incredible therapy that works deep within your body, giving it a boost in such a way that it naturally begins healing itself.

Give us a
call if you have any questions and let’s see if Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy is right for you.


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