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Sciatica Pain

Sciatica is a common problem seen in doctors’ offices. The root cause of sciatica is a nerve called the sciatic nerve that becomes inflamed and irritated. When this occurs, the patient has symptoms resulting in pain traveling down the back of one’s leg to the knee. The pain is due to the inflammation surrounding that nerve, which can be a result of multiple conditions such as a disc herniation, muscles in spasm around the nerve, or due to degenerative changes seen in the spinal region. To reduce inflammation around that nerve the patient should be seeking care such a chiropractic care to help create space and decrease the inflammation around that nerve. Decompression therapy in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments lead to great results and reduces the inflammatory response around that nerve. Therapeutic modalities are utilized to take tension off joints in the low back that can help relieve the nerve of irritation. Patients experiencing sciatica can see success through specific prescribed corrective exercises to stretch muscles that allow the nerve to not be irritated and inflamed. Corrective exercises would be utilized to strengthen the surrounding muscle groups to help the patient stabilize and activate the correct muscle groups. If you are experiencing these symptoms talk to your chiropractor to give them the information to help you experience relief.


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