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The Swing Body Connection

With the golf season in full swing, we commonly get asked how chiropractic care can help one’s golf swing. There are many ways in which chiropractic care impacts the golf swing, starting with that of injury prevention. Many golfers suffer from injuries on the course and the question is why? A trained chiropractic professional can help to evaluate each golfer to help identify areas where the golfer is at risk of injury. A Titleist Performance Institute certified health professional is trained to identify these flaws in body mechanics. The screening tests that our trained TPI chiropractor utilizes are designed to look for flaws in lack of mobility and stability. By identifying which of these two major categories the flaw falls under then allows for our team to prescribe corrective exercises to improve mobility or increase stability of the region being tested. For example, lots of golfers suffer from low back pain. There can be many different reasons for this such as lack of hip mobility, lack of thoracic mobility, or possibly due to a physical limitation (such as surgery or joint replacement). At this point it would be identified as to why the golfer is unable to perform the correct screening task, and the golfer would be instructed on ways to improve their stability or mobility of that identified region.

Professional golfers are under Titleist Performance Institute certified medical professionals’ guidance when it comes to screening their bodies and improving their diagnosed flaws that impact their consistency of replicating their golf swing. 25 of the top 30 golfers in the game today are advised by TPI certified team members! Below is a link to more information and how a TPI screening can help improve your golf game!


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